Geez Louise!!!

June 28, 2008

Right this week is sure a pain in the bottom:

I got the Comedy Show QC’ed. So thank goodness for that. o Right :^)

Plus a compliment for the show, its thwe first animation to pass QC on time, if i remember the words correctly.

But why is this week a pain: I got to make a shitty music video to finish, which i cannot be bothered, i got a deadlione and im going to meet it. But im confuised, its interesting to be honest, if you realised im not going to be working on the music video and surely if its delayed, use your mind and get somebody else.

I got a music video to somehow finish and i got to do Daryls Sony Boy. But Sony Boy really doesnt concern me as if you see the recent post it shows you i have modelled Sony Boy within 3 hours on Saturday. So i just need to texture, rig and animated, and i am not as worried, as i told Daryl thisd many times dont worry, but i think is worried because he hasnt seen any work, my bad, but ill sort sdomething out.


O and i forgot….

June 1, 2008

heres the link to my other blog (the comedy show blog) if you want to check out on its progress and what i been up too.



May 30, 2008

Now thats what im talking about!

This is my finished part of the product. The part after the spin, is my lovely Sony Boy CG character.

“Great to see you in 2008 Sony Boy!”


Al to the rescue……

May 30, 2008

I rescured Daryl from throwing himself out the window today, by sticking to my plan.

I animated this morning and finished off the rig last night. I ran in around 11’ish and gave Daryl my file, he rendered Siony Boy out and parented the object to his hand joint.  Jared came over and he was suprised to see that i could do all that in two days. or as i assume.

I have to say who ever says that i have had alot on my plate this term and to manage fitting it in all together, they are right, i should cut it down next time. But i am happy to say this: i finished to music videos, 1 comedy show, 3 course units and one one im working one right now – ppd. I managed well this term, but in terms of group work i have had to Daryl go through alot. But from where im standing i managed to complete what i was asked to do which was model Sony Boy in CG, which i did, and he looks fab.

I tried to make Sony Boy, look like charlie brown, as me and daryl had that idea right from the beginning.

Anyways this term has been a challenge, but its been a great challenge looking back at it now. So im happy.


May 29, 2008

Right Today is Thursaday, a day before tomorrows deadline.

1. I finished modelling Sony Boy (within 2 hours), i have textured him within 3 hours (face, hands and body), i have started adding in the rig (which has taken me 2 hours). However, this has come with interuptions of Jade Barnes, telling me she has a deadline for me to meet for the music video show. I spoke to Jared about this in the afternoon, he says to concerntrate on my work and leave the music video alone, but to have made the effort that i could for making what i can with the music video, but not stress myself out to much. I have taken his advice, and the previous night i was woking on adding 2d to it, and make it in the style of the tv show “telecomics”. But i did some 3d renders this morning and did some editing and finished off this evening with some after effects. I must say the music video hasnt been a huge hit due to not finding venues, actors not turning up on time, and having unrealisable people. As a direcotr of the music video i thought i was my job to direct only, as i have had someone back my side, a producers job is to get you the dates ready venues and so forth, find you actors, i only direct them. But somehow im the producer and i have to do all that. Its not the best looking msuci video i have to say, but its what i could do in amount of little time given. She even turns to me and say that it is for her defree, well i didnt weven know that either did i. I seem like im having a go at her, yes indeed i am, but by goodness, she hasnt been well prepared hjas she. As for me, i have taken on too much, when i shouldnt. i thought iit could work, but ive learnt from my mistakes. But in terms of Jareds unit, im sorry to say this but i have to be selefish for once and i have to get a deadline to meet. Tonight my plan is to finish off the rig at home and animate in the morning for 3 secs, ill wake up at 5 a.m. And all i need is to render at college cos my render settings dont work at home, for some sad reason.

But i am suprised at myown progress, i can model textre and rig all in one day. it just goes to show that all of this comes from the practise i had with the co,edy ahow characters, i made them in short amount of time, but they look really good, i am produd of my self.

Sony Boy – The Process

May 29, 2008

Here i show you Sony Boy in the process of being modelled, maps, rigs through wire frame, and so forth.

Rig and Wireframe:

Topology on Model:



Playstation For Daryl

May 27, 2008

Ahoi Ahoi

As i have been delayed by my comedy show project, due to having a mid term crisis last year, i was able to force myself to model, texture, rig and animate, as well as other elements for the show all by myself (instead of music- for chris and editing – for simon) But it left me in quite a state. So i know you are wondering why i am talking about this, but i asked Jared at the beginning if i could do this comedy show insterad of his proejcrt, but he didnt seem to budge, so i had to do it, even if he turns around and says stop taking on to much – you can see the comedy in there for yourself. Jared says one thing when he means the other. I like this whole idea of doing something new, but by goodness! Its putting on more for me.

So enough banter, and this is what i got to tell:

I got to texture models for Daryl, so he can composite and do effects in After Effects.

So far i have done the Playstation for today, a picture of it is a uni , as i couldnt get the pc to work.

But i got others coming my way soon.

Sony Boy – The Start of Modelling

May 25, 2008

Here he is:



(here it shows the drawing of daryls work, and also internet reference)

This is Daryls Concept Art….

This is Picture Reference….

Compared to Daryls drawing, Daryls added once less finger, and hasnt made the cheeks more rounded. But seems to have got everything esle like hair, etc right. But as i didnt know whether to stick to Daryls concept art or the photo ref. I decided to take elements from both, so from Dqaryls ive stuck to the 3 fingers, 1 thumb, so we dont have a change in character. Also i have stuck to not giving Sony Boy rounded cheecks and have a short neck. But thats what i figured out, didnt know what to do, but for the matter of not having two characters that look different, i just put them together, to look alike.

Although i did find a drawing dated way back that sowed Sony Boy had a short neck…

All in all, there are so many versions out there that really all look different just to a small extent, but itys that thing as a modeller where you get worried in what you model might not turn out to fit either way. or whatever.


Also i hope Daryl doesnt hate me, but i shorted the arms cos they looked to long for proportion and also i made the legs abit longer.

Sony Boy – Modelled in 3 hours (Saturday Night)

May 25, 2008

I started modelling Sony Boy today, As i am tired now, i have forgotten to finish the back of his head.

Here i have used what i todl you in my CG eresearch about topology and how i would like to apply it to the model, which i have.

See Sony Boy Pic:


May 1, 2008



I learnt something last term by Ajdin something named “Topology”, apparently if i remember it correctly it is the order in which the direction of the lines go through. For example if you had a human face, as you would need a lot of deformable shapes you need to apply to a circle around the mouth and a circle around the eyes. Just so it can help give a more organic look to your character.

Below is an exmaple showing what i mean:

Although i wouldnt count Sony be this high poly’ed, but if you observe around the mouth and the eyes you know what i would mean. I thought of applying this to Sony Boy for maybe when i give him a wink with his eye or when he smiles with his mouth.

Also i did topology for the hand, as the hand does a lot of deformable shapes. I used an old modelled i had from my comedy show i did earliar this term, and i took off a finger, and made it 3 fingers instead of four.


I learnt from our tutor Alex Hulse regarding how to do UV texturing last term and thought i put it into practise for this project. Alex’s tutorial was this: select all of your model in faces, or the selection that you want – apply planar, sphereical, cyclindrical or automatic mapping to it, then go into the texture editor and place them around in the top right corner box with the grey shading. And then select all of your uv’s by going right click-uv, and then go to the polygions tab at the tiop of the texture editor, go to relax if you want (which relaxes the uvs so they are all not so squashed together, then go again into the polygons tab and go onto snapshot, select the area you want it to be saved to. e.g. desktop. And slect image file – jpeg for me is best way. Then save and open up in photoshop, add your textures, then save as a jeg or anothe rimage file . go back to maya, select all uv’s again and then go into the attributes editor on maya, and select the object file under selecting the colour option box, then going into file, then select file, and then it is applied.

Also there is bump mapping, but i always play with options around and set it too: (-)0.010 – (+)0.010, it doesnt effect it as much but it gives you a light surface with the bumps just slightly coming out. If its minus it embosses them, if its plus then it extrudes them.

On some occasions, if your texture does alittle dance on the model when you move it, you shoudl delete history as i have been told.

other news on texturing, i not like many others in class who get picture ref and texture smudges on top. i do my texturing not like that always, but when it comes to character and others maybe some objects, i intend to build the layers from scratch. As you have more free will.

See below for images on Texture maps i have worked on:


I learnt from Moe this term a new way of riggging, obviously the same old basics where it needs a skeleton, ik handles, and so forth. But in terms of rigging the hands it was something i found quite interesting to aply to Sony Boy. I had learnt this way of rigging for the Comedy show characters AL and BMAN, but for Sony Boy, i also beleived it would be a quite good process to see to. Please see below for the structure of how the rig worked:


  1. Make a locator for each finger and thumb.
  2. Select all #locatiors and then select Freeze Transfromations. It bascally sets them at 0, so where ever you can move the locators if you want them back at square one, you can make them go back to their orignal place, being set at 0.
  3. Then whilst still having the locators selected, go to channel editor and select all the tranforms, sqales and rotations in the box, and go to the channels tab and select “hide and lock selected”.
  4. Then select the four finger locators, and go to channel editor again and go to “add attribuie”, select vector and also add 3 joints as the 3 attributes.
  5. Then do this again for the thumb
  6. Then select a locator and load it in the left side of the window on the connection editor, and then select te joint on its own, and load it on the right, then do on the right select rotate and then it sets itself to rotate. if you do this wioth the whole finger at the end of it the whole finger bends in and out.
  7. Do this with the whole of the fingers. and then again do it seperatekly with the thumb.


Working with the graph editor, i have been more confident using the icons such as spline, step and many more. I know which each of them does to give back correct timing. But i remember from a year ago this link that helped me get used to working with spline, and then after that i got used to working with other icons too.

Also in terms of animation research, i have been performing in front of the mrrror to get a close idea of how Sony Boy will perform in the scene himself.

But for me, i beleive for animation, it more lies with practise makes perfect, so the more you work with the editor the more of a flow you cdan give to your animation.